i am the honey of your sweet
i am the shadow of your night
i am the dreams of your sleep
i am the secret you can keep
you’ve been the lyrics of my song
you’ve been the boom of my gong
you’ve been the tune of my melody
you’ve been the pro against the contrary
so i will sing, and you will dance
and i will shot the arrow to your heart
and i will talk, and you will glance
and i will put the chances in your hands
and so the world will begin to smile
to speak the truth about your style
and so the stars will twinkle in early morn
as one, your heart and mine becomes



Koronadal, Surallah 072 (3)
what will i say
to suppress what i feel
wanting to be loved, but they are steel
what will i do
to catch the gen’rous smile
wanting to hook your charm, Lily of the Nile 
a riddle to me, feeling the enigma
i’ve done to be anchored
not to be loved
 past love though from me the heaven has deprived
no qualms, i’ve accepted
 loved and then gone



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let the ire, hatred, and rage
pass by you
bill your life
compose yourself
show a grin
release the anger
bark at the wall
shoot the moon
throw that plate and spoon…
drop the glass and the fork
hit the figurine
and kick somebody’s ass
let tears touch the ground
let it flow to the gutters
let the dust
be the biggest particle
that float in your annoyance
and bring the sunshine back
into your room of respite
SMILE and the world will applaud
at your  oversight…
SMILE ’till you learn to
SMILE  about a job undone…
SMILE  at your own life
SMILE  at the mirror…
and the image you’ll see is




Morning – Aubade Poem : NaPoWriMo 2015, Day 06

my dream last night just ended abruptly 
as i felt the warmth of the rising sun
it was your smile that made the day lovely
just as i opened my eyes  the day begun 
scents of flowers flew to play around
as they opened their buds to a full bloom
 the bees started making their buzzing sound
ready to sip  your sweet flowery perfume
the morning dew that awakened the buds
begun to slide down from their petals and leaves
while the early worms begun to freely carve
our hearts on the green later plucked by thieves
the sun made an angle further to the west
you stepped on my shadow there’s no regret
’cause the shadows have slowly become one
proclaiming proudly  the day is done




It’s hard to fathom the inner self of a man

you hear him talk, “you should go”, but 

he doesn’t like you to do

the influential allurement  that he feels

he doesn’t want you to do, inside him 

but he says the other way, follow him

and with a suspecting sharp smile

he gives you a “choose between”

the opportunity is yours in selecting

it’s up to you, really can’t tell, but you 

unless he tells you what

jealousy, it might be 

the best kept secret

of every man

hidden under his ass

try to know the truth?

you have to smell the icing

and taste the bitterer batter

 but wait till he turns vitriolic

his actions he borrowed from a lunatic

  jaundiced eyes he’s sporting

and that is him…

Children, Let’s Play !

DSC08502 (4)


look at me straight in the eye

i can tell you’re a little bit shy

slipping away the truth seems to be

away from the very facts’ veracity


look at me straight in the eye

i’ll touch the tip of your nose

the truth seems hiding if you smile

be steady for the truth won’t oppose


these are all childish beliefs of the old

for a children’s play these can jokingly hold

that the truth can be summarily a lie

if these are played by the children and I




their smiles and infantile ways

await the maturity of days

they know little of the world

their minds as free as the bird

they sometimes cry and flaunt a lot of smile

they play games longer than a while

thoughts still young, unripe and green

free from guilt, they are so mean

with their young minds they ought to know

love and kindness to neighbors must show

anger and hate you must not teach

for they’ll become a monster bitch

 comforting to see their sweet, sweet smile

for a tired body who walked a hundred mile

your sweat and tears that will soon collide

exhausted, drained energy,  will be revived

later, their character of mind will be overtaken

by a mature mind ready to be shaken

rendering a choice with a lot of sense

for they have glide along the state of innocence.


The Tiny Room Did Not Smile And Talk To Me…

There are employees  of hotels who don’t know the SOP’s of  their jobs. How to go about guests’ accommodations who are  new to the place should be their foremost  concern. It is not just the assigning of rooms to them. It is how receptionists receive them and how they are treated at the front desk that matter. Being the front liners of these hotels, they should always look beautiful, approachable, graceful, ready to serve the guests truthfully and always accommodating whatever the case might be. And certainly not the least, and the most important of all is to always wear a sincere smile. A smile that’s welcoming and radiates to guests that they are needed by the hotel. Guests’ money help the hotel survive the business. So grab the opportunity and make them feel they’re really  welcome to the hotel. Some receptionists take this for granted.  A simple smile can melt away someone’s heart and rescue it from distress. Somebody who can’t afford to smile must be in the kitchen and should not face any guests for as long as the hotel is there operating its business.

Reading this, I hope would open the eyes of the manager

and the male receptionist of the day wider enough to

address this amiss, and astray behavior.

I  started my journey at the northern part of Mindanao, Philippines going south. That was my first visit to Butuan city. From the physical looks of the roads and buildings that we passed, it is still a germinating city as compared to other cities of Mindanao.  I told the driver of the van that I took to bring me to a cheaper hotel just for a three-day stay.

During my check-in last August 20,2014, around 11 past AM, a male?? receptionist, he looked gay to me, was the one who assigned the room for my stay. He was not smiling at all. Not even a “Good morning, Sir” greeting. Not even an accommodating word had he uttered. Just a quiet stare but more of a blank look. Frigid. After several minutes, he asked for the payment and soon after I found the key room on the counter. Since I was alone by that time and there were no other people who were checking-in, I got the key. No words were said. The key just lay there bare and naked.  So I presumed it was for my room although it was not handed to me personally. No words were ever spoken. This is frigidity and poor front desk service of the third kind. He did not explain to me how to get to the floor where my room is located. He did not even call someone else to accompany me. I was the one who called the attention of the elevator man to get my things and bring me there. I was going to flare up but I kept my cool. And what added to my burning sensation of animosity was the condition of the room.

The room was so tiny, I could hardly move around. Who could? The room was  L-shaped and only the bed occupies the longer area. I have to position my legs on the side of the bed which has a 6 inch distance from the wall to lay down. I should have called all the devils, Lucifer and Satan to make a hell out of this hotel. What a f___k!

The only saving grace of this whole hullabaloo of a situation was its location, WiFi, and air-con. Food! It was good. But food has nothing to do with front desk operations. So credits won’t go to the hotel’s name but to the restaurant’s chef and staff.

PAGING THE MANAGER: Re-educate your staff before it’s too late. They don’t know the proper way of receiving guests with grace and smile and a greeting. Send them to a seminar.

Note: Some parts of this post was taken from my own Review of the same hotel on TripAdvisor.

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