Guns and Roses


if these roses can whisper

to people of different ears

if seeds can listen awhile

this could carry tears and cheers


thorns could prick their skin

protruding from the stalks

but roses are all akin

various flags along the garden walks


beautiful buds now abloom

speaking softly to the stars

thoughts were read by the restless moon

concerned about the ongoing  wars


if all the guns will turn to lovely flowers

no bubble of hatred will burst as it poses

no braves and cowards would ever cower

when bombs and arrows  become  bouquet of roses…



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in the darkest hour

the moon just lights

beneath the blue river


stars twinkle and glitter

flowers all abloom

floating on reflection


calmly as the wind

comes to caress my skin

softly in a tight embrace


soon  kisses hit my lips

press gently against mine

slurp and taste like wine


seconds decline to leave

minutes follow suit

’till the moonlight veils


bravely the clouds clock in

make a scar to begin

the whole face covering


a fairy muddles the dreamy

pesters the water with  waves

soon the romance defaces


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if i sleep early tonight
lying on any flat surface
dreams are ready to ignite
to explode among the human race
in the thought of cloudy fantasy
amidst in a spell of reverie
swinging in a quiet slumber
drowning in the night, so scary
i’ve forgotten the earth
the sun, the moon and the stars
either i remember the nocturnal birth
of all the martians of Mars
lost in space, yes, i was
lighter, everything were adrift
devoid of parlors and foot spas
the cruise into the deep exists…

Serendipity …

i’ll fly with you all the time
in any moment of day
though you are unwinged
to carry me away
i can’t read your thoughts
trying to convince me
pondering all alone
of what i want to be
reaching for the stars
during the dark of nights
so tiny to be caught
focusing on one of a million lights
but during the day
stars are there too
but the blinding rays of the sun
overpowering  their shine
you aspire to be someone
holding on to your goal
but sometimes end like everyone
missing the title role
some people call it destiny
others leave  it to luck
but there’s one sure path
striving hard is pushing an attack…
it is bestowed to the one
who strove hard for it
 reserved and to be won
by the deserving ones



i am the honey of your sweet
i am the shadow of your night
i am the dreams of your sleep
i am the secret you can keep
you’ve been the lyrics of my song
you’ve been the boom of my gong
you’ve been the tune of my melody
you’ve been the pro against the contrary
so i will sing, and you will dance
and i will shot the arrow to your heart
and i will talk, and you will glance
and i will put the chances in your hands
and so the world will begin to smile
to speak the truth about your style
and so the stars will twinkle in early morn
as one, your heart and mine becomes


“Stars, my Angels, please watch over my daddy…” ( Free Verse ) – NaPoWriMo : Day 02

Star Formation Region Monoceros R2 - Infrared VISTA view of a stellar nursery in Monoceros
there, the stars are up the sky
they don’t fall, why
God hangs them there to watch over you
to guard you, so you’ll always be safe when you play
they’re your guardian angels
guardian angels, daddy?
so God killed them because He hanged them
no, God placed them there
and why they don’t have wings
they have wings but you can’t see them
they’re very far from earth
they just blink, and twinkle
but they can see you
if you’re bad or good
if you’re bad they will punish you
if you’re good they will give you a present
so, go to sleep now, my child
do they have a father, too?
who is their father, daddy?
yes, they have, and he’s handsome
he is Jesus, he’s their father
and who is their mommy, daddy?
daddy, who’s their mommy?
daddy, oh, you’re already asleep
sweet dreams, daddy…
stars, my angels, please watch over my daddy…
hmmm, please, sleep now, my child, hmmmm…
we’ll visit your mommy tomorrow, hmmmmm…
in the cemetery,  so, sleep now, my child….
we’ll bring her flowers….sleep now….

“Let Me Stay A Bit Longer” – ( Free Verse )


i’d like to stay a bit longer
to gather dreams
from the trees where dreams are colorful
from the river where they are serene
from the sky where they are a tall order
from the breeze where lullabyes sway as it pat the trees
from the fallen leaves where yesterdays await their resting place
from the rocks where revenge is a story
or from the grasses where love is nurtured
by the morning dew drops to bloom
or from the sun where there are no nights
or from the sound of the crickets when twilight bites
tell me where to start
or i will write about the stupid moon
why she’s there above and just glances at us here below
or about the stars hanging up there
is there no one to shoot them there?
oh, they’re the ones shooting themselves
crazy shooting stars!
and what about the clouds
envious for all of us here
making the bright night dark
where ghosts appear
and secretly grab all our plans
and left us with nothing to do
and leave this dreamy romantic place behind…

Under The Night Sky Of A Child ( Free Verse ) – Week 02, Day 04 : ( MY PROMPTS )

Moon and stars were visible
above the sky
clouds were drifting
blown by the wind
He looked at the nearby lake
moon, stars and clouds
were there too
beneath the lake
Fishes swam and played
with the moon and stars 
but after sometime
it darkened
Moon and stars
were lost and drowned
beneath the lake….as he
dipped into the water to get them
They were gone
the clouds were still there
up in the sky
spreading like a blanket…
But soon it rained
and the moon and stars
reappeared above
where are the clouds, Papa?



Maybe you’ll wonder what the “” stickers are doing there in the night sky. This is all I can do, can’t do better than this. After reading the poem, you’ll know why its there. (Grin, not so wide please)


i traveled close to a million miles

each night i saw a different sky

and half way through, i wished i could fly

the stars wrote some letters, i’m dancing like Psi

nights have passed before the trek ends

stars following me  as if they’re my friends

clear as the sky, clouds were behind

a W was written, O next in line

the R was not clear it lacked a slant

next was a D appeared to be pregnant

P with a head or nose like Pinocchio

R this time was handsomely written like Romeo

E, eehhhh, seemed to lie on the dry ground

a snake S appeared, Ssshhh said the sound

now there were two S’s now I can see them 

a little dot . a small c, an o and an m….

It was a cool night and grasping it had a chance

reading them straight, all in a perfect glance

So, I shouted, while the night birds sing along

W  O  R  D  P  R  E  S  S  dot  com… 




**** “Sorry, I mistakenly deleted the picture…but you can create  the whole scene in your imagination.”


2014 - 1 (9)


the stars seem to be hiding 

from my lonely sight tonight

somebody must have hid them

from me to twinkle bright


or somebody covered my eyes

with clouds so thick so wide

or is it the forthcoming storm

with thunder rolling to form


or somebody gathered them, put them in a box

intentionally stored them,  put them in stacks

or the Lord did not hang them tonight

so people can see how’s our world without Light


but the Lord is unforgetful

for the things He had given

He has a purpose for all His actions

to show to people directions


He has the power to take them back

He’ll gather to safety all His flock

and to give what to whom

just like the stars He had broomed