Taoist Temple – Beverly Hills, Cebu, Philippines

Being the center of worship for the followers of Lao Zi, the ancient Chinese Philosopher who founded Taoism, this Temple is open for worshipers and non-worshipers alike for free. The site, Beverly Hills Subdivision, is overlooking the city of Cebu and is three hundred feet above sea level. Built in 1972 by Cebu’s Chinese community, this is a favorite tourist destination of the city.

Inside the perimeter, there’s a souvenir shop, a chapel, a library, a wishing well and a statue of a Chinese man fishing. It is forbidden to take ¬†pictures together with the Chinese saints or even as a background.

This is the parking area. With its grand gate, this could be mistaken as the entrance to the temple if you are a first timer visiting the place. The arch is huge and with the help of the guard who is ready to receive and welcome visitors, he would advise the driver to proceed and park his vehicle inside with no parking fee.

If you are entering from the upper level of the hill’s front entrance gate, you will pass this Great Wall of China replica.