Tinuy-an Falls, Surigao del Sur, Philippines – Photo Tour : Tourism – Week 03, Day 07

08-22,23-2014,Butuan-Davao 014 (14)

Tinuy-an Falls is like this during summer. But you can see its full mighty force during the rainy days.


08-22,23-2014,Butuan-Davao 024 (2)

Tinuy-an is a 3-tiered falls. As you can see in the photo, this is the way to the 2nd tier, located at the right side of the falls.


08-22,23-2014,Butuan-Davao 025 (2)

 This is the 2nd tier.


08-22,23-2014,Butuan-Davao 036 (2)

 The 3rd tier, can be climbed with the use of a rope at the right side of the falls. The floor was quite slippery and it’s advisable to go barefoot or wear rubber shoes. My girls were invited guests for picture-taking which they obliged readily.


08-22,23-2014,Butuan-Davao 039 (2)

This is the view from the third tier looking down.the 2nd. Looks like a wide pool.


08-22,23-2014,Butuan-Davao 041 (2)

This is the view from the 2nd tier looking down.


08-22,23-2014,Butuan-Davao 043 (2)

A smaller pool for kids was provided by the management away from the deeper areas for adults.

How to get there? Pls. visit :



FLOWERS Unknown To Me : A Challenge – Week 01, Day 04

Iligan city 08-28-14, Eden natureresort,08-27-14 040 (2)

At Eden Nature Resort, Davao, Philippines





I am adding/inserting the name of this flower given by fellow blogger, “myfoodandflowers” on this day 31st of March, 2015 :

Common Name : Ball Ginger
Genus Name :  Zingiber
Now, this becomes a known flower to me and all of us. Thank you, myfoodandflowers.
Any other additional information about this flower is highly appreciated.  Thank You.

Street Photography : Bangkok Tourists


I took this photo from the window of the hallway at the  third floor of the hotel  we’re  staying. Across  the  street  were Muslim tourists waiting for a ride and conversing loudly unmindful of some passers by which were irked by the noise they’re creating on the street.

God’s Trial

San Juan de Sahagun Parish Church or Tigbauan Catholic Church, Tigbauan, Iloilo, Philippines

San Juan de Sahagun Parish Church or Tigbauan Catholic Church,
Tigbauan, Iloilo, Philippines

when drops of liquid leaked out of my lamenting sobs
coming from the deepest echoes of my  suffering soul
i’m drowning in the river of my own weep
going blindly against the  flow like a black sheep
fighting it out and conquered what i feel
the world on my back too heavy my ordeal
aching bones loaded eating all the gained fame  
overweight bundles are too much but given the same
i dug up my faith to reach the far and thorny finish line
my skin bursting, knees were trembling i didn’t mind
i dropped on the ground where my sweat and blood meet
the nearer i got, my strength i have to compete
a stone’s throw, strength depleted i’m not in vain
several times the ground kissed my knees in pain
little of my psyche remained but never retreated
   as i won God’s trial my faith remained undefeated

I pissed on my bed last night…

Dahilayan Gardens 097
i dived into her life
i was met by a splash
i thought it was my prize
only to realize
i pissed on my bed last night
because i was dreaming
of a beautiful girl
i asked something routine
as i kissed her on her lips
she swallowed me whole
but i struggled inside her
to free myself soonest
she freed me at last
only to find me out
from her chicken ass
so i shouted at her
why did you let me pass
from your sewage of broth
i’m supposed to be out
from  your busy bad mouth
so i have awaken
from this lake of urine
i wanted to dive again
to be swallowed back
and exit in another opening
but the sun has risen
and i’m late for work
tomorrow i’ll sleep again
and i won’t forget something
beside me is a metal bin



untitled (14)

Coron, Palawan, Philippines 
Sea & Mountains
Year Visited : 2012

visit: https://thehutowner.wordpress.com/2014/01/21/philippines-last-frontier/