exterior looks
a great disguise
like a princess,
that never cries
daintily walks
through the isles
applauded by people
that never smile
a display of wealth
covered herself
all that glitters
expensive, they glare
in the eyes of many
her life is  aplenty
hidden deep inside
a life without glory
her shoes are of gold
shoelace are, too
up to the crown
sparkling, and her gown
but when she smiled
it looked like a frown
no sincerity
she wore no crown
people have seen us
graceful as a lotus
above the water
a lovely flower
the leaves just float
and roots are hidden
what’s the true picture
the roots are rotten
our ways, the brush that paints
if we’re one among
the sinners or saints
no matter how thick
our suits that we pick
wearing a concealment 
don’t hide individual being
it’s under the mask man is seeing



The Lowly Shrimp Paste (Terasi,Bagoong) Can Be A Good Sandwhich Spread

055 (2)

No one would buy the idea that the lowly shrimp paste can be made into an excellent sandwich spread,on toast.

Asian countries are blessed with long stretches of beaches which fishermen and the seaside folks used as their jump off point to any place in the country that are near the sea. These fishermen sometimes have an abundance of marine products caught. One of these are the shrimp fries which are made into paste and used as seasonings of various Asian foods. Some entrepreneurs had some interesting ideas to manufacture and bottle these shrimp paste and sold in the markets nationwide and some are exported to various countries where there are thick Asian population. Various flavors sprouted and became a household favorite. Asians used it in their menus as condiments and flavorings. Others use it as a substitute for MSG or seasoning in the local dialect. The bottled version is  ready to use after its opening.  That cuts its preparation time-saving considerable minutes of heat and sweat.

But among those uses which are not yet discovered by numerous users of the product is to use it as a spread in sandwiches.

I was looking for any spread in the refrigerator when this spicy flavored bottled shrimp paste which sits at the corner of the ref caught my attention.  So, I thought, why not?  I’m going to use this as my sandwich spread.

I toasted pieces of American bread. I put a generous amount of margarine and spread lightly with spicy flavored bottled sautéed shrimp paste. Just an addition of Mayonnaise or sandwich spread will be okay. But still it lacked a little bit of spiciness. I added a little of hot sauce and it was all over. And Voila! It tasted like no other spread! . Not yet perfect but it was good. You can adjust the flavor according to your taste. Or you can  mix all the ingredients then spread it. Except for the margarine which should be spread right after the bread has been toasted.

You can invent your own taste with the shrimp paste. Try and discover it.

Writing Challenge : ” Writers and Poets, Take A Break, Be A Traveler” : Five Photos, Five Stories – Day 02

  IMG_2657 (2)

Nami Island, South Korea


Give yourself a break! Loosen that muscles. Stretch your hands sideways and to the front. Bend your knees. Bend forward,backward, right side, and left side. Tiring, isn’t it. But it’s good for your body.

If you are an aspiring writer or poet-to-be, or a seasoned one, your tasks should not be limited to table works, that is, lap-tops, computers, typewriters, paper and pens. Locking yourself in the four corners of your room and squeezing your mind dry for something to write about is a tiring daily or nightly routine to create something to share a piece of your mind. It sounds monotonous doing the same grinding of your little brain to the limits.  How about grabbing  a week’s vacation? To a neighboring island maybe. Or to a different location or region. If you’re living near a beach, this time try to live and commune with nature in the mountains and vice versa. Try running after a butterfly or finding the source of the tweet of a bird. Ride a horse or a carabao to the market. Climb a coconut tree as far as you can go. Experience the break of dawn without the sounds of cars and buses. Take your bath in a lake or in a well.

Aren’t they enriching your mind and experience? And they are materials for your writings. Keep those experiences in your mind and lay them out to your computer when you get home. You have a fresh imagination and thoughts going to your writings. You’ll gain a different perspective of life other than what you have now. Enrich your mind today. Plant plenty of experiences into your head and harvest them later for you are a writer and  be a traveler.


 08-22,23-2014,Butuan-Davao 046 (2)

traversing a road in its dusty state

begets anger, outrage, ire and hate

for making your travel less comfortable

instead of winding it to be more desirable


when vehicles passed  and zoomed ahead

clouds of dust and smoke we inhaled instead 

fresh air drifting is gone and remained unseen

invaded by dust brownish powder unclean


from a distance the road you trek is unclear

as dusts served as the sign if it’s far or near

as they are seen where they come somewhere

your direction where to turn  will appear


man’s life sometimes is blinded by dust

where strength and power are eaten by rusts

taking the chance for it to slowly subside

and trek the road where dusts reside


Writing Challenge : ” The Ten Commandments” ; Five photos, Five stories – DAY 01

NAIA, Batanes-09-2,3-2014 241 (2)

I don’t understand what these writings mean when I first saw it but, I recognized what these are. The writing at the bottom of the tablet,  “Thy Will Be Done” , which is in English would lead us that this is the Ten Commandments of God. I found this tablet outside the church of Ivana in Batanes Island, Philippines. This only proved that Christianity was being practiced even at the farthest places of the country and as such cemented its foothold that it is the only christian nation in Asia. Even if there is freedom of religion, Catholics dominate the populace as compared to the other religions that were established before and after World War II.

The Tree, Still Young : DAY 04 – ( MY PROMPTS )

Oak Sapling

I am just starting a new life

I wonder if I will survive

chances are, birds and butterflies

the bees and dragonflies

will soon enjoy my shade

playing in the sunrise


but as the day is made

noon is coming, otherwise

and with the scorching heat

shade, yet I couldn’t provide

I am still very young

with small branches to be sprung


my leaves are still very small

to store my needed chlorophyll

I am confused, I am still

when and how it is to feel

how it is to be neglected

in paradise, I am rejected


maybe it’s a lot painful

when my surroundings are sands

but in due time I will understand

how it is to be born

without both hands

and i’m leaving this question

am I free to grow in your land?


Waves : DAY 03 – ( MY PROMPTS )

mare gif

the curling waters that make a splash 

on the shore it bends ’till it kisses the sands

continuing  its way a little up on a sloping land

and return to the sea without reaching where I stand


as i watch the rushing waves to the shore

the blowing wind is making an uproar

a bundle of water shoved and blown

that will kiss my lips when i’m alone


waves rolling from the ocean to the beach

colliding against rocks and stone when they reach

the shallow part  making such a splattering

just like some lovers’  when they’re arguing


but sweetness comes on dry sunny  days

sea shells on shore is dribbled and then chased

the waving is smooth just tickling to grace

the lighter face of the waves in praise


twilight shore sparkles like fields of golden harvest

as it is laid down with  yellowish golden carpet

 for two lovers will march for a union of hearts

to take their vow as  they say, ‘Till death do us part” 



The Bridge : DAY 02 – ( MY PROMPTS )


looking afar to the other side

with intent, i can only reach it by sight

for there’s a wide space that i have seen

a body of water, a silent river in between


how can i cross the river  upstream

when there’s nothing to connect our dreams

seeing the river approaches dry

don’t let our hearts become a bonsai


no need for a boat to step on the rocks

 to play with the water along its banks

there’s a structure to connect the gap

steel and iron and some concrete slabs


but bridges can also connect two hearts

a kiss made of love can never set apart

the barriers of love  will cross the distance

two hearts will always defeat resistance




My Best Event

The Stranger

South Korea, May 03, 2014 160

the night has a stranger looking for you

his eyes directs wherever you go next

searching for a shadow that moves like you

and the stranger has taken every step

the morning waits for another night

and the hour searches another light

for the shadow that was all like you

will bid a goodbye when you say, adieu

now the stranger sings the same song

and you too is singing along

and those charms reflect the moon light

to silently say his last goodnight

waiting for the shadow to be a stranger

 coming out as someone on a paper

as it almost talk and sounded as you melt

waiting to come out hiding inside yourself