The Single Court – NaPoWriMo 2015, Day 03


basketball games are played everyday in this single court
a piece of property as an extension of the port
enjoying the smell of sea, waves and marine lives unknown
itching the sides of concrete sharp edges of rocks and stones
the midget boats pass  with be-muscled fishermen aboard
images of faces etched with joy, sufferings ignored
contentment scenes are flooding this single basketball court 
but a storm with strong winds coming to pound none can abort
the rains and wind pushed their way fast into this direction
the sun was mantled grey the rays gone out of reflection
the wind dived deeply and pushed volumes of salty water
to the shore where this court was built smashed its every corner
the front facing the sea got the most ferocious beatings
slapped the barrier right smacked like an angry woman fighting
the wall clashed with waves, forcing the water to splashed and surged 
as high as the court it went through, and the benches submerged
when all the forces of destruction were over and gone
back to the single court and enjoy the noise of freedom